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Friday, June 2
Art Opening: Chuck Lopez, Bridget Boss and Sam Drumgoole
3rd Floor Gallery on Washington, 1128 Washington
Free, all ages, 5-10 p.m., 314-241-1010,

We're guessing there's a name change ahead for the erstwhile 3rd Floor Gallery on Washington, since their upcoming show this weekend (featuring the work of Chuck Lopez, Bridget Boss and Sam Drumgoole) is billed as an "Opening and Gallery Moving Reception." Seems the gallery has been invited down to the ground floor in the Mossa Center, putting it at ground level.

First Floor Gallery on Washington?
Mossa Gallery?
Art on the Street?

We can only keep guessing until we hear from more official sources. The show, by the way, is glass art, in conjunction with the glass fever that's gripping the Lou right now.

(Posted by Amanda)

Thursday, June 8
Film: "Vinyl"
Winifred Moore Auditorium, 470 E. Lockwood
$5, all ages, 8 p.m., 314-968-7487,

Documentaries are my favorites of late: real life can be so much more bizarre and fascinating than anything we could invent! To wit: tonight's Thursday Night Doc at the Webster Film Series, which focuses on record collectors. But not just like your dad who can't let go of his favorite stack of 45s; no, these are obsessive types, like Elvis fan-atics to a fellow who's attempting to gather every song ever recorded. Come and feel better about your own weird collections.

(Posted by Amanda)

Monday, June 12
CinemaSpoke staged screenplay reading: "On Ice," by Alan Anderson
Center Center for the Arts, third floor, 3547 Olive St. in Grand Center
Free, all ages, 7 p.m., 314-289-4150,

It sounds simultaneously thrilling and painful for a screenwriter: the good folks at Cinema St. Louis (they bring us the St. Louis International Film Festival, among other highlights) hold a screenplay competition called "CinemaSpoke" each year, and the finalists have a portion of their screenplay read by actors in front of an audience and a panel of judges, comprised of critics, movie industry types, writers and so on. Then the screenwriter gets put on the spot even more when the panel and audience members ask questions and provide feedback. It's like "American Idol," only fun! And local! And way more edifying, we're sure. (Then again, so is eating lead paint...)

Tonight's entry, "On Ice," is the story of a shady hockey coach in Peoria who recruits Harold Sweetwater, the reigning king of the Chicago Wheels roller derby team in 1979, to boost attendance with his outlandish personality and outsized Afro. Suffice to say, intrigue ensues, and in the end, powerful choices are made, lessons learned, etc. Come offer your critique.

(Posted by Amanda)

Thursday, June 15
Film: "SECRET: The Josephine Baker FBI Files"
Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis Public Library, 225 N. Euclid
Free, 7 p.m., 314-367-4120,

The city's a-twitter with La Belle Josephine, celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth this year. Filmmakers and new media artists Kathy Corley and Paul Guzzardo have taken a new look at Baker's life, particularly the less-explored story behind the story of her pursuit by newspaperman Walter Winchell and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who were both interested in her human rights work and off-stage activities. It's not all banana skirts and pet leopards, kids! A brief talk will follow the screening.

(Posted by Amanda)

Friday, June 16
Concert/Movie: "Farmer Jason" Ringenberg and Looney Tunes cartoons
Gazebo Park in Webster Groves, Big Bend Blvd. @ Old Orchard
Free, all ages, concert 7 p.m./movie 9 p.m., 314-963-5300,

Hoo-wee, kids, this should be fun! As part of the summerlong "Gazebo Series" in Webster Groves—meaning a concert and a movie most Friday nights in June and July—kick-butt-cowpunk-turned-groovy-dad Jason Ringenberg brings his "Farmer Jason" tunes to town, to be following after dark by classic Looney Tunes cartoons. If you're even edging toward Grup status, you'll be there with your ironic t-shirt and hipster kicks on. (We're willing to wager plenty of non-offspring-toting folks will show up, too...)

(Posted by Amanda)

Friday, June 23
Concert: Tory Z. Starbuck
Saint Louis Art Museum Sculpture Hall, One Fine Arts Drive in Forest Park
Free, all ages, 6-8:30 p.m., 314-721-0072,

Here's a little juxtaposition to consider: the art museum (home of culture and whispering, right?) and the gender-bending, space-music persona of Tory Z. Starbuck. Fun! Take the whole family, especially parents and grandparents who need a little spice in their lives. After a viewing of the summer exhibition Remote Viewing," (complete with a super-fresh, free video iPod-enhanced tour!), you can all sip on cocktails and space out to sounds from the promised list: "electronic viola, theremin, sitar, synthesizer and a variety of original instruments."

Original instruments! Isn't this how Baby Einstein got started?

(Posted by Amanda)

Saturday, June 24
Poetry Pedal: Word Up Bicycle Tour
Starting point at Crown Candy Kitchen, 1401 St. Louis Ave. in Old North St. Louis
Free, all ages, 10 a.m., 314-353-6761,

In case you're not hip to the new trends in public art, or if you've heard about the Word Up project but haven't had a chance to check it out, here's the perfect opportunity to do so while shaking the dust off the old bike (and the old bones!) Local bike dude extraordinaire Jason McClelland will lead a meandering ride (with frequent stops, as we check out the banners of poetry throughout the neighborhood) that explores Old North St. Louis...and we can't guarantee there won't be a stop at Crown Candy Kitchen for lunch afterwards. If the 5-10 miles of the jaunt doesn't meet your daily exercise requirement, consider pedaling from downtown up or from Baden down the Riverfront Trail, and exit at Branch Avenue to get to the starting point. In any case, recreational riders are welcome! I'll be there with my shiny helmet on...

(Posted by Amanda)

Saturday, June 24
Dance: "One River Mississippi"
Eads Bridge, St. Louis Riverfront
Free, all ages, 7 p.m.,

One, Mississippi...two, Missi—oh, wait! This is different.

What if the whole of the population along the mighty Mississippi River, from way up north of the Twin Cities, (where the river's flow begins), to way down south of New Orleans, (where it dumps into the gulf), threw a big dance? Not just any dance, but a simultaneous collection of focused, site-specific performances, all designed to bring "joy and attention to the health of the Mississippi." That'd be pretty cool.

Seven sites along the river have dances planned, and ours will happily be simulcast on KDHX-FM 88.1. Dancers Sarah Anne Patz, Beckah Voigt, Andrea Smythe and Sara Burke are coordinating the St. Louis/East St. Louis effort.

(Posted by Amanda)

Saturday, June 24
Benefit concert: Will Rock for Food
Focal Point, 2720 Sutton in Maplewood
$5 w/two cans of food, $9 without, all ages, 7 p.m., 314-781-4200,,

They rock it hard in Maplewood, folks, and this year's installation of the annual "Will Rock for Food" showcase includes local acts The Aquatic Record, Corbeta Corbata, Gentleman Auction House, Johnny O & the Jerks and The Monads. The Focal Point is a little step up the ambiance scale from the former venue (the VFW Hall in Richmond Heights), so this is the year to get involved if you haven't before! Bring some canned goods, have a drink, buy a rad t-shirt...all for a good cause.

(Posted by Amanda)

Sunday, June 25
Tour: The Grow Wild Garden Tour
Starting point is the Green Center, 8025 Blackberry in University City
$10 advance/$15 day of, all ages, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 314-725-8314,

It's that time of year, when I realize the few sad little plants I so optimistically purchased and potted at the outset of the growing season have succumbed, over time, to heat, inattention, the gnawing of my cat, and so on. Screw it. Why not go enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor?

The Green Center and the Missouri Botanical Garden sponsor today's garden tour, which spotlights native plant gardens around the St. Louis region, from U. City to Fenton. Why fight the life-force of that which wants to grow here? Eight gardens, representing styles from pond to prairie, will reveal the beauty of our homegrown species, and allow tour-goers to ask questions about native plan gardening. In the garden, maybe it's okay to be xenophobic...

(Posted by Amanda)

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