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Sunday, October 1
Blessing of the Animals
Christ Church Cathedral, 1210 Locust St.
Free, all ages (and species), 4 p.m., 314-231-3454,

Admit it, animal owners: there have been days when, far from being suffused with the gentle spirit of Saint Francis, who bade come unto him the birds of the forest and the mammals of the woodlands, you've instead wondered if your dog/cat/python/hamster were instead experiencing demonic possession. Well, cast out those demons and your doubts once and for all at this popular annual service, dubbed "A Celebration of Creation: The Feast of St. Francis." It's a multimedia prayer service, including a memorial tribute to pets who have gone on to their great reward, treats for dogs, cats and their people, and much more. Seriously, what can it hurt to lay some hands on that creature?

(Posted by Amanda)

Friday, October 6
Exhibit/Live Art Happening: "Go Figure III: Exquisite Corpse"
3rd Floor Gallery, 1214 Washington Ave.
Free, all ages that can handle nude artists' models, 6-10 p.m., 314-241-1010,

The original "exquisite corpse" (or "cadavre exquis," as it was known) was a Surrealist art experiment/parlor game, and the movers and shakers behind downtown's 3rd Floor Gallery have adapted the concept for an evening of on-site art creation, featuring 20 St. Louis artists, nude figure models and a charge that each artist produce a representation of assigned body parts. Franken-art or beautiful collaboration? Only you can be the judge.

(Posted by Amanda)

Thursday, October 12
Concert: "Faces of Love," featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Rick Recht
Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington Blvd.
$27-$47, all ages, 8 p.m., 314-721-6556,

Can we all agree, folks, right here and now, that we could use a lil more love in this big old world? Yes, I thought so. So, St. Louis-based Gitana Productions (a not-for-profit arts and education bunch dedicated to increasing cross-cultural awareness through various international performing arts presentations) brings together two big-time stars for tonight's concert: Moroccan musician Hassan Hakmoun (he plays Gnawa, a devotional music used in healing ceremonies) and Rick Recht (Jewish Rock Musician! Seriously. This guy's press will have you believing no Jew ever rocked before he.) The idea is to bring together Muslims and Jews for an evening of entertainment and general good feelings...with the hope some of that goodwill could extend into other arenas.

(Posted by Amanda)

Through October 15
Exhibit: "The Edge: Urban Revival + Our Environments"
Governor French Academy Gallery, 219 W. Main St., Belleville, IL
Free, all ages, open M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m.,

This exhibit is the result of a collaboration between two grads from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Timberly Hund and Billy Bright, who propose in their work the "manipulation of Downtown Belleville's edges to generate economic and social growth within the local community." Through mixed-media presentations incorporating architecture, art and film, the artists envision a optimistic future (and an appealing alternative to suburbia) for both Belleville and all American downtowns.

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Saturday, October 21
Improv: "The Patriotic Freedom Bingo Machine"
Laughs on the Landing, 801 N. Second St.
$10, 18+, doors 11:30 p.m./show midnight, 314-241-LAFF,

It's the lunacy that was the Nonprophet Militant Propaganda Bingo Machine, but in light of the times in which we live, it probably seemed prudent to make the slight tweak into the Patriotic Freedom Bingo Machine. Or something. Anyway, a night of 24 original sketch comedy scenes takes on a decidedly social/political commentary bent tonight, as part of the larger St. Louis Political Theater Festival. And here's the thing: if you're leery that you might not like some of the stuff, there're 24 of these things to get through -- before you know it, the one you hate will be over and the troupe will be off the races on something new! Try something different this Saturday night.

(Posted by Amanda)

Sunday, October 22
Concert: Barkapalooza!
Langenberg Field in Forest Park, just south of Dwight Davis Tennis Center
$20-$50, all ages (and canines, too!), noon-5 p.m., 314-968-5505,

Life can be ruff, friends, and for no one more so than the stray animals who wander our streets, especially with winter coming on and the piteous state of the destination of many of them, our woefully inadequate city animal shelter. The good people of the Animal House Fund, in particular the brilliant minds behind The Party Animals, have conceived an event to entertain, educate and raise the all-important money that will get a new facility built: Barkapalooza!

This weekend, pack up your picnic, your blanket and your pooch (borrow your neighbors' if you have to!) and head to Forest Park for an afternoon of musical stylings from St. Louis bands Modern Red, Upright Animals and the Dean Evans Band. Make the experience complete by partaking of the funnel cake and cotton candy for sale, and plan to spend a little time perusing the exhibit by STL-based powerhouse architects HOK, who have designed the state-of-the-art shelter that will be built.

Because really, isn't is all about the animals? (My dogs made me type that part...)

(Posted by Amanda)

Sunday, October 22
"A Death in the Family: Death & Mourning in the 19th Century"
Chatillon-DeMenil House, 3352 DeMenil Place
$10, all ages, noon-5 p.m., 314-771-5828,

Ooh, death most macabre! Well, in lieu of the more kid-like (and adult co-opted) celebrations involving sugar and costumes, the historic mansion attempts to present a somewhat educational Halloween alternative, with this afternoon's program of festivities. You'll get to enjoy an atmosphere of "quiet contemplation," along with: a presentation by John Avery, a historical re-enacting undertaker; exhibits of 19th-century mourning garments, hair-work mourning jewelry (now *that's* creepy) and the Spiritualism movement; tarot card readings; a lecture on Dr. Joseph Nash McDowell, the "body snatching" founder of McDowell Medical College; a silhouette artist; and oh, so much more. Refreshments and a gravestone-rubbing demo! are included. Really, it'll be positively lively.

(Posted by Amanda)

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