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Saturday, June 16
Reading/Performance: "Up From the Ashes: Poets of the Wabash Triangle Café"
Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar
7:30 p.m., probably not suitable for young kids, 314-304-0548

The demise of the now-legendary Wabash Triangle Café (in a blaze, not necessarily of glory) in 1994 preceded my arrival in the Lou, but its legacy was certainly something I heard about once we opened The Commonspace's community center on North Grand and started hosting — among a plethora of other, random eventspoetry readings. Some folks said the vibe reminded us of that spot, now occupied by The Pageant.

So it's with a bit of excited anticipation that I share this event, a reunion of sorts of some of the poets and performers who gave the Wabash its spark: tonight will be a good chance to find out what I missed. On the bill: John "Sick Puppy" Newmark, Margeau "Candy Girl" Steinau and the St. Louis Slam Team, among many others.

(Posted by Amanda)

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